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When does tax free weekend start in texas – When does tax-free weekend start in Texas? This highly anticipated event offers shoppers the opportunity to save money on essential purchases, making it a perfect time to stock up on back-to-school supplies, clothing, and more. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide all the details you need to know about the tax-free weekend in Texas, including the start date, eligible items, and shopping locations.

The tax-free weekend in Texas typically takes place in August, coinciding with the back-to-school shopping season. During this weekend, shoppers can purchase eligible items without paying state and local sales tax, resulting in significant savings.

Tax-Free Weekend Start Date in Texas

In Texas, the tax-free weekend always begins on the first Friday of August and lasts through the following Sunday.

The tax-free weekend in Texas is a three-day period during which certain items are exempt from sales tax. This includes most clothing, footwear, backpacks, and school supplies.

Start Date Consistency, When does tax free weekend start in texas

The start date of the tax-free weekend in Texas does not vary from year to year. It is always the first Friday of August.

Eligible Items for Tax Exemption

When does tax free weekend start in texas

During the tax-free weekend in Texas, shoppers can take advantage of tax savings on a wide range of items. These items are categorized into specific groups, including clothing, school supplies, and electronics.


  • Shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, and other clothing items
  • Underwear, socks, and other undergarments
  • Footwear, including shoes, boots, and sandals

School Supplies

  • Notebooks, binders, and folders
  • Pens, pencils, and other writing instruments
  • Backpacks, lunch bags, and other school accessories


  • Computers, laptops, and tablets
  • Printers, scanners, and other computer accessories
  • Cell phones, headphones, and other electronic devices

Exclusions from Tax Exemption: When Does Tax Free Weekend Start In Texas

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The tax exemption does not apply to all items purchased during the tax-free weekend. Certain categories and items are specifically excluded, primarily due to their non-essential nature or their higher tax rates.

These exclusions serve to limit the scope of the exemption and ensure that the tax relief is targeted towards necessary and frequently purchased items.

Taxable Items

  • Motor vehicles: Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles are excluded from the tax exemption due to their higher tax rates and their non-essential nature.
  • Tobacco products: Cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products are subject to higher excise taxes and are therefore excluded from the tax exemption.
  • Alcoholic beverages: Beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages are also subject to higher excise taxes and are excluded from the tax exemption.
  • Prepared foods: Meals, snacks, and other prepared foods are not considered essential purchases and are therefore excluded from the tax exemption.
  • Services: Services such as haircuts, repairs, and entertainment are not eligible for the tax exemption.

Shopping Locations and Restrictions

The tax-free weekend in Texas applies to a wide range of shopping locations, including brick-and-mortar retail stores, online retailers, and specific shopping districts. You can take advantage of the exemption at department stores, clothing boutiques, electronics shops, home improvement centers, and many other types of retail establishments.

There are some restrictions on where the exemption applies. The tax-free weekend does not apply to the purchase of motor vehicles, boats, airplanes, or other vehicles that are subject to sales tax. Additionally, the exemption does not apply to the purchase of items that are normally taxable at a higher rate, such as alcohol, tobacco, and luxury items.

Online Retailers

You can also take advantage of the tax-free weekend when shopping online. However, not all online retailers participate in the tax-free weekend. To ensure that you are not charged sales tax on your purchases, be sure to check the retailer’s website before making your purchase.

Shopping Districts

Some cities and counties in Texas have designated specific shopping districts where the tax-free weekend applies to all purchases, regardless of the type of store. These shopping districts are typically located in areas with a high concentration of retail stores.

To find out if there is a shopping district in your area, check with your local chamber of commerce or city government.

Benefits and Economic Impact

When does tax free weekend start in texas

Tax-free weekend offers numerous benefits for consumers, businesses, and the local economy.

For Consumers

  • Savings:Consumers can save money on essential purchases during the tax-free weekend, as they do not have to pay sales tax on eligible items.
  • Increased purchasing power:The savings from the tax-free weekend can increase consumers’ purchasing power, allowing them to buy more items or higher-quality products.
  • Stimulates spending:The tax-free weekend encourages consumers to make purchases they might have otherwise postponed, stimulating economic activity.

For Businesses

  • Increased sales:The tax-free weekend typically leads to increased sales for businesses, as consumers are more likely to make purchases during this period.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction:Offering tax-free purchases can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, as consumers appreciate the savings.
  • Increased foot traffic:The tax-free weekend can attract more customers to stores, leading to increased foot traffic and potential sales.

For the Local Economy

  • Economic boost:The tax-free weekend can provide a significant economic boost to local economies, as increased consumer spending leads to higher tax revenues for local governments.
  • Job creation:Increased sales during the tax-free weekend can lead to increased employment opportunities, as businesses hire more staff to meet the demand.
  • Improved business climate:The tax-free weekend can create a more favorable business climate, attracting new businesses and encouraging existing businesses to expand.

Historical Context and Evolution

The tax-free weekend in Texas has a rich history, having undergone several changes since its inception.

Origins and Implementation

The first tax-free weekend in Texas was held in 1999, as a way to provide relief to families and stimulate the economy. The weekend was originally only one day long, but was extended to three days in 2005.

Expansion and Modifications

In 2015, the tax-free weekend was expanded to include more items, such as clothing and shoes. The weekend was also moved to August, to coincide with back-to-school shopping.

In 2019, the tax-free weekend was further expanded to include online purchases, making it easier for consumers to take advantage of the savings.

Impact on Consumers

The tax-free weekend has had a significant impact on consumers in Texas. The savings can be substantial, especially for families with multiple children.

In 2021, shoppers in Texas saved an estimated $112 million during the tax-free weekend. This money can be used to purchase other necessities, such as groceries or clothing, or to save for the future.

Tips for Maximizing Savings

To maximize your savings during the tax-free weekend in Texas, consider the following tips:

Plan your purchases in advance to identify the items you need and ensure they are eligible for the exemption.

Budgeting and Planning

  • Set a budget before you start shopping to avoid overspending.
  • Make a list of essential items to prioritize your purchases.
  • Consider waiting for the tax-free weekend to make major purchases or stock up on frequently used items.

Additional Discounts and Promotions

  • Look for stores offering additional discounts or promotions during the tax-free weekend.
  • Check store websites or social media pages for special deals and coupons.
  • Combine tax-free savings with other discounts to maximize your savings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The tax-free weekend in Texas can raise several questions. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers to clarify any concerns or misconceptions.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Who is eligible to participate in the tax-free weekend?

    The tax-free weekend is open to all Texas residents and visitors making qualifying purchases during the designated tax-free period.

  • Are there any age restrictions for eligibility?

    No, there are no age restrictions for eligibility. Anyone can make tax-free purchases during the designated weekend.

Qualifying Items

  • What items are eligible for the tax exemption?

    Eligible items include most clothing, footwear, and school supplies priced under $100 per item.

  • Are there any specific brands or stores that are excluded from the tax exemption?

    No, the tax exemption applies to all qualifying items regardless of the brand or store where they are purchased.

Exemptions and Restrictions

  • What items are not eligible for the tax exemption?

    Items not eligible for the tax exemption include accessories, jewelry, watches, handbags, luggage, and items over $100.

  • Are there any restrictions on the quantity of items that can be purchased tax-free?

    There are no restrictions on the quantity of eligible items that can be purchased tax-free.

Shopping Locations

  • Where can I make tax-free purchases?

    Tax-free purchases can be made at all retail stores, including department stores, clothing stores, and shoe stores, in Texas.

  • Does the tax exemption apply to online purchases?

    The tax exemption does not apply to online purchases. Purchases must be made in-store to qualify for the tax exemption.

Benefits and Impact

  • What are the benefits of participating in the tax-free weekend?

    The tax-free weekend provides an opportunity to save money on essential back-to-school items and other qualifying purchases.

  • What is the economic impact of the tax-free weekend?

    The tax-free weekend typically generates a significant increase in sales and economic activity in Texas.