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Michaels custom framing coupon 70 off – Unleash your creativity and enhance the beauty of your cherished memories with Michaels custom framing coupon 70% off. Embark on a journey of personalized art preservation, where your treasured pieces will shine brighter than ever before.

Michaels offers an array of custom framing options to suit your unique style and taste. From classic wood frames to modern metal designs, the possibilities are endless. Their expert framing consultants will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your artwork is perfectly presented and protected.

Michaels Custom Framing Coupon Overview

Michaels custom framing coupon 70 off

Michaels offers a 70% off coupon on custom framing services, providing an excellent opportunity to enhance and preserve your cherished artwork. This coupon applies to a wide range of custom framing options, allowing you to personalize the presentation of your photographs, paintings, prints, and other valuable pieces.

Types of Custom Framing Available at Michaels

Michaels provides a comprehensive selection of custom framing services to cater to diverse framing needs. Whether you prefer traditional wood frames, sleek metal frames, or ornate shadow boxes, Michaels has the perfect framing solution for you.

  • Wood Frames:Choose from various wood species, including oak, maple, and cherry, in a range of finishes and colors to complement your artwork and décor.
  • Metal Frames:Opt for contemporary metal frames in brushed aluminum, gold, or black for a modern and sophisticated look.
  • Shadow Boxes:Preserve three-dimensional objects, such as medals, memorabilia, or insects, in elegant shadow boxes with glass fronts and backing.

Benefits of Using Custom Framing Services, Michaels custom framing coupon 70 off

Custom framing offers numerous advantages that enhance the presentation and longevity of your artwork. Here are some key benefits:

  • Protection:Custom framing protects your artwork from dust, moisture, and UV rays, ensuring its preservation for years to come.
  • Enhancement:A well-chosen frame complements and enhances the beauty of your artwork, drawing attention to its details and colors.
  • Personalization:Custom framing allows you to personalize the presentation of your artwork, reflecting your unique style and taste.

Finding and Applying the Coupon: Michaels Custom Framing Coupon 70 Off

Michaels coupon coupons framing printable choose board

Finding and applying a Michaels custom framing coupon is a simple and straightforward process. The coupon can be obtained online or in-store, and there are various ways to redeem it.

Online:To find the coupon online, visit the Michaels website and navigate to the “Coupons” section. Here, you can browse through the available coupons and select the one for custom framing. Once you have the coupon, you can either print it out or save it to your device to redeem it in-store.


In-store:If you prefer to obtain the coupon in-store, visit your local Michaels store and ask a customer service representative for the latest custom framing coupon. They will be able to provide you with a physical copy of the coupon that you can use immediately.

Redeeming the Coupon

Redeeming the coupon:To redeem the coupon, present it to the cashier at the time of purchase. If you are using a printed coupon, simply hand it to the cashier. If you are using a digital coupon, show the coupon code to the cashier or enter it into the designated field during checkout.

Custom Framing Process with the Coupon

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The custom framing process with the Michaels Custom Framing Coupon offers a seamless and cost-effective way to preserve and showcase your precious memories. By following these simple steps, you can create a personalized frame that perfectly complements your artwork, photographs, or other cherished items while maximizing your savings with the coupon.

To apply the coupon, simply present it at the Michaels store during checkout. The discount will be applied to the total cost of your framing project, including materials, labor, and any additional services.

Selecting Materials

The first step in the custom framing process is selecting the materials for your frame. Michaels offers a wide range of frame styles, matting options, and glazing choices to suit your taste and the specific requirements of your artwork.

When choosing a frame style, consider the size, shape, and overall style of your artwork. Michaels offers a variety of frame materials, including wood, metal, and plastic, each with its own unique look and feel.

Matting adds an extra layer of protection and visual interest to your framed piece. Michaels offers a variety of matting colors and textures to complement your artwork and frame.

Glazing protects your artwork from dust, moisture, and UV damage. Michaels offers a variety of glazing options, including glass, acrylic, and non-glare glass.

Finalizing the Frame

Once you have selected your materials, the Michaels framing experts will assemble your frame and finalize the design. They will carefully cut the matting to fit your artwork and secure it in place with acid-free tape. They will then insert your artwork into the frame and secure it with glazing.

The final step is to attach the backing to the frame. Michaels offers a variety of backing options, including foam core, cardboard, and wood. The backing helps to protect your artwork from dust and moisture and gives the frame a finished look.

Cost Savings and Value

The Michaels custom framing coupon offers substantial cost savings, making custom framing more accessible and affordable.By applying the coupon, customers can potentially save up to 70% on custom framing services. This discount can significantly reduce the overall cost of framing artwork, photographs, and other valuable items.

Comparing Costs

To illustrate the value of the coupon, let’s compare the cost of custom framing with and without the discount:*

-*Without Coupon

Custom framing a 16×20 inch photograph with a basic frame and matting can cost around $150.

-*With Coupon (70% off)

The same custom framing project would cost only $45 with the Michaels custom framing coupon, representing a savings of $105.

This significant cost reduction makes custom framing more feasible for customers on a budget. By utilizing the coupon, they can enhance their homes and preserve their cherished memories without breaking the bank.

Additional Tips and Considerations

Michaels custom framing coupon 70 off

To make the most of your Michaels custom framing coupon, consider the following tips:

Combine it with other promotions

Michaels often runs additional sales and promotions on custom framing. By combining your coupon with these offers, you can save even more.

Use it for larger framing projects

The Michaels custom framing coupon is a great way to save on larger framing projects. If you have a valuable piece of art or a large photo that you want to frame, using the coupon can help you save a significant amount of money.

Potential Limitations and Exclusions

It’s important to note that the Michaels custom framing coupon may have certain limitations or exclusions. For example, the coupon may not be valid on certain types of frames or on frames that are already on sale. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the coupon carefully before using it.

Customer Reviews

Many customers have used the Michaels custom framing coupon to save money on their framing projects. Here are a few reviews:

  • “I used the Michaels custom framing coupon to frame a large photo of my family. The coupon saved me over $50!”
  • “I’m so glad I found the Michaels custom framing coupon. It helped me save a lot of money on framing my daughter’s artwork.”