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If you have a chipmunk problem, what do you do? Have you figured out the best approach yet? Search for it right away if you haven’t found it yet.

We can all agree that squirrels are adorable creatures. But have thoughts such as “are chipmunks destructive?” ever crossed your mind? If that’s the case, then that seems to be the way things work.

Burrowing ground squirrels, or chipmunks, are notorious for being stealthy intruders, particularly in people’s homes and yards.

And then, without your knowledge, these mischievous creatures will destroy everything they encounter. And therefore, it seems to reason that not everyone will find it to their liking.

Therefore, knowing the method of how to get rid of chipmunks is crucial in determining whether or not these pests will return in the future.

It follows that there are several strategies for chipmunk control. But before we get to it, it’s important that you learn to recognize the telltale symptoms of their existence.

In addition, there are circumstances in which you must maintain separation.

This article contains the whole set of instructions for dealing with the chipmunks’ predicament; you won’t need to look anywhere else for help. All right, let’s get ready to read it.

Signs of Chipmunks Presence in Your Backyard

There is no convincing way to get rid of chipmunks unless you can first detect the symptoms of their existence. There are a total of four considerations; you should be aware that these critters are present in your garden.

Let’s say you’re only able to locate a few of the indicators listed below. If that’s the case, then it’s possible that chipmunks aren’t to blame. It was really the work of some other animal.

But when you see all of these signs combined, you might seriously consider their existence in and around your house. Therefore, you may quickly decide upon the least risky strategy for chipmunk control.

1. Chipmunks’ Footprints are the Simplest Evidence You Can Find

You can tell whether chipmunks have been in your yard by looking for their tracks. Also, several animal trackers have confirmed its efficacy.

When seen from the side, a squirrel’s foot has four digits, but the rear foot has five. Therefore, if you see footsteps that like these, you should be on guard for possible chipmunk intrusion.

Squirrel feces in the yard or around the house may be used as a telltale sign of squirrels’ presence, alongside their tracks.

After learning this initial piece of information, take your time making a decision on chipmunk control. Alternatively, consider the following indicators.

2. Messy and Destroyed Backyard

Anything in your lawn is fair game for chipmunks. Anything from flower buds through ripe fruit to underground tubers. Worst case scenario: they consume plants that aren’t very tasty to humans.

It makes things appear messier in the garden or backyard, and there are broken planting spaces all over the place.

Additionally, if you have discovered that several of your plants are missing, the chipmunk is likely to blame.

3. Found Tons of Piles Seed Shells Underneath

Chipmunks may be detected in your home in a number of ways, including the destruction of your plants and the presence of numerous grain shells beneath your bird feeder that have been dropped.

It is possible that other animals ingest these seeds. So, before we decide on the best strategy for permanently removing chipmunks from our home, let’s check for one last indicator.

4. There are Some Holes Around Your House

Finally, the holes in your yard are compelling proof that chipmunks are there. Finding these openings will seem challenging at first. Since most of them are easily detectable in their modest sizes.

But if you really want to know for sure that the hollows are chipmunk burrows, then you should place all of them in close proximity to your garden.

I urge you to immediately go outside and take a look. If you discover even a small number of chipmunks, you can put your worries to rest; it’s time to start thinking about how to eliminate them.

The Ultimate Reasons You Have to Keep the Chipmunks Out of Your Home and Garden

As you can see from my description, despite the chipmunk’s endearing appearance, it may cause serious problems for your landscaping and household upkeep.

Again, however, you may still prevent them from entering your house. This post will provide information on how to get rid of chipmunks.

Before we get to that, however, I want to go over a few of the most important reasons why you should keep these creatures away from your house.

Some of the considerations are listed below.

1. Chipmunks are The Proficient Diggers

You may wonder “how did a chipmunk get in my house?” more times than you can count. And I promise you, after reading this essay, you’ll have a crystal-clear answer to that question.

Because they are such skilled tunnelers, chipmunks may easily find their way inside your house. It’s not only your yard that they’ll dig up; they’ll do it all the way to wherever they go. This animal is able to dig under concrete, and it may do the same to your house.

Some holes in your backyard may not be difficult to fix, but they will mess up your yard. Plus, you can keep cleaning it even now.

But to have burrows that undermine your building’s structure is a whole other ballgame. Over time, it will weaken and destabilize your house.

It will all fall apart if you don’t start thinking about how to fix it right now. You are aware, of course, that there are some repairs that will cost you a pretty penny, right?

You should research up the specifics of how to seal a chipmunk hole online before you need to do it. The alternative safest option is to consult experts.

2. Chipmunks are Omnivores

You already know that chipmunks will devour whatever you put in front of them, even your plants. They will even consume bugs.

Let’s say you wake up one day to find that your house is completely bug-free. Perhaps this is good news. However, things can become catastrophic if these animals end up eating all of your crops.

The only way to preserve your garden is to figure out the most effective strategy to get rid of chipmunks as soon as possible.

How Do You Get Rid of Chipmunks Forever?

Here is the most anticipated section, detailing compassionate and effective methods for chipmunk removal. So, let’s get right to it and check out the nine options for solving this problem.

1. Keep Your Home and Backyard Clean and Tidy

Do plenty of people ask whether there’s a way to get rid of chipmunks without using poison? In a word, yes. Therefore, the answer is to clean your home and yard in a more environmentally friendly way.

If you use this strategy, you’ll have to pick up and throw away all the rotting fruit from the tree in your backyard. The reason for this is the fact that chipmunks prefer to live in areas with an abundance of food.

In addition, porches and fences are common places for these animals to go through, so it’s best to keep bird feeders away from such areas. The placement of a bird feeder on the ground is preferable.

Chipmunks find the mounds of twigs, tiny boulders, and shrubbery around the house’s foundation to be the most welcoming hiding places.

Even if you’ve taken every precaution to keep your home in pristine condition, chipmunks may still invade. Therefore, you should immediately go on to the next method of chipmunk control.

2. What Smell Do Chipmunks Hate? Indeed, Garlic and Daffodils

Let’s say you’re interested in finding out whether there is a natural plant that will keep chipmunks out of your yard. Garlic and daffodils are the correct response. As you may expect, they have a strong aversion to this aroma.

However, if you’re not the gardening kind, you may substitute some hair clippings for the garlic if you don’t like the smell.

You shouldn’t be shocked by this, but it’s true: chipmunks despise the way people smell, too. Your hair clippings will repel pests and keep them out of your home permanently.

3. Try Cayenne Pepper Too

It’s time to move on to the next method for humanely exterminating chipmunks. Once again, cayenne pepper may be used as a liquid repellant.

The question then becomes, how to get rid of chipmunks using cayenne pepper. Just boil a quarter cup of water with two teaspoons of cayenne pepper for a few minutes, and you’ll have your answer.

Finally, once it has cooled for a while, combine it with the olive oil. Put the finished product in a spray container that allows you to shake before each use.

Since this chipmunk’s liquid repellent does not include any toxic ingredients, it may be used without worry around your pets.

Instant liquid-repellent is readily available and inexpensive at most major supermarkets, should you choose a more functional option.

The short duration of these repellents is particularly problematic during the wetter months. The chipmunks will not be deterred from returning until this liquid is reapplied after each use.

4. Dry Repellent Never Go Wrong

Dry repellents may withstand light rain better than their liquid counterparts. Numerous commercially available dry repellents are available for use against chipmunks. They are granules for the most part.

It may be used in the yard, the house, and any cracks in the foundation that pests could find.

If you use this long-lasting dry repellant, chipmunks are far less likely to dig holes in your yard. You may use dried cayenne pepper as a repellent, in addition to employing ready-to-use items.

As was said before, you don’t even need to boil it; just sprinkle it over your home.

5. Electronic Repellent System

In addition to the electromagnetic repellant, we also propose the following. In addition to warding off chipmunks, this electric device has been praised for its efficacy against a wide variety of unwanted visitors.

This equipment is both powerful against any unwanted backyard visitors and within your budget.

There isn’t much of a learning curve involved in turning on this electrical deterrent device. When you plug it into an outlet near the place you wish to secure, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Some tools even include motion detectors that can activate the power.

Despite the fact that this electric chipmunk repellant offers numerous benefits, it cannot prevent chipmunks from digging, it can only keep them from your garden.

6. What about Keeping a Dog?

Moving on to the next chipmunk removal technique. Having a dog serve as your chipmunk’s hunter, though, is a very standard practice.

Naturally, the hunting skills of dogs might aid you in swiftly eliminating these pests.

The ability of dogs to detect chipmunks in their scent allows them to find them even when they are concealed in crevices. In the event that the dogs do locate the tunnel, they will continue to excavate it until the squirrels abandon it.

However, many people think this is an inhumane approach because the dog might end up eating the chipmunks it catches.

7. Put Chipmunks Trap

If you’re wondering “how can you get rid of chipmunks in a humane way?” the solution may lie in trap cages.

Those who have successfully trapped chipmunks should release them far from their residence. Prior to attempting to use this technique, you must first get familiar with the rules in your area regarding the catching and release of wild animals.

Using traps to capture chipmunks is a straightforward process. The only way to entice these creatures inside is with fruit, seed, or other forms of food.

You should put on gloves before handling any of the trapping equipment. You’ve already handled every necessary component, thus any more interaction will damage the trapping process.

Moreover, chipmunks won’t visit the cages if people are around since they despise the scent of humans.

8. Additional Barriers

What is the best way to prevent chipmunks from destroying your garden?

To answer your question, the best approach to prevent chipmunks from eating your plants is to install various obstacles around your planting areas. A gravel border or perhaps some mulch might do the trick.

Shrubs should be avoided since they provide excellent cover for pests like chipmunks.

Alternately, you may construct specialized cages to keep chipmunks out of your plants.

9. Applying Mesh Fencing

How can I prevent chipmunks from swarming my yard? Mesh fence is the final resort in attempting to resolve this issue.

Many people think that installing mesh fence around your garden helps safeguard your yard from chipmunks. It’s also a good idea to think about placing them near your home’s base.

Some say the L-shaped one is the most effective design for warding off chipmunks, while others insist that just placing one near your porch, fence, or wall is sufficient. I take that you’ve already decided which one to incorporate?

The chipmunks may return depending on the method used to exterminate them. Make an effort to practice good preventative measures, as described above.

Instead of trying to figure out “how do you get rid of chipmunks” on your own, you could hire a professional to handle the situation instead. In any case, I hope you never have to deal with these pests in your own house again!