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Cable One, Inc., previously known as Sparklight, is an Internet service provider and cable television provider with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. The Sparklight brand went through a rebranding process throughout the course of the summer of 2019.

Cable One, Inc. is still operating at this time. Users who are currently logged in to will be moved over to Customers continued to use the same cable television set-top boxes and modems even after Sparklight was rebranded as Cable One. Customers may log in to the Cable One Mail portal to access their email accounts.

Post-Newsweek In 1986, Cable became known as Sparklight after undergoing a name change. (Cable One). In 1997, the company officially became known as Cable One, Inc. We are going to have a celebration called Sparklight Sing Supper in 2019.

Despite the fact that Sparklight does not provide any local services in the Phoenix area, the headquarters of the firm are situated in that city. Sparklight, which was formerly known as Cable One, has been in business for the last 21 years and has established a client base of more than one million households and companies.

In return for a Cable One Email Login, you are given the opportunity to make free local calls. Cable One offers its clients television, cable telephone service, as well as high-speed internet access through Wi-Fi.

There is just one package offered for fiber optic internet service. They make accessible to users the services of three other internet service providers.

Internet Plans of Cable One

Here are the lists of plans that Cable One provides with its Features.

Starter 100 Plus

  • Data: 300 GB
  • Download: up to 100 Mbps
  • Upload: up to 10 Mbps
  • Price: $45 / Month

Streamer & Gamer 200 Plus

  • Data: 600 GB
  • Download: up to 200 Mbps
  • Upload: up to 20 Mbps
  • Price: $65 / Month

Turbo 300 Plus

  • Data: 900 GB
  • Download: up to 300 Mbps
  • Upload: up to 30 Mbps
  • Price: $80 / Month

Gigaone Plus

  • Data: 1200 GB
  • Download: up to 1000 Mbps
  • Upload: up to 50 Mbps
  • Price: $125 / Month

How to Create Cable One E-Mail?

You are able to sign up for Cable One right here.

  1. Simply enter into the address bar of your preferred internet browser.
  2. Visit the website of Cable One and choose either Email or Sign in from the menu to get access to your account with the company.
  3. Continue with logging in at this time. To go on without a User ID, choose “I don’t have a User ID” from the drop-down menu that is located on the login screen.
  4. The registration form for new accounts has to be available right away. To create an account, go to on your web browser.
  5. After entering your Billing Account Number, Billing Zip Code, and contact number, you will be prompted to click the option labeled “Register/Reclaim Username.”

How To Login To Cable One Mail?

Cable One Mail Login

Follow these instructions to access the email account you have with Cable One.

  1. Visit or in order to make use of Sparklight.
  2. To access your Cable One (previously Sparklight) account, choose the Email Icon or Sign in from the menu located at the very top of the page.
  3. The sign-in page for Cable One will load in a moment. Now, sign in using your login information and password for Cable on. To validate that your password is accurate, click the SHOW button.
  4. If you choose the “Remember me” option, you won’t need to log in again for the next two weeks, or until you actively log out of your account, whichever comes first.
  5. Use the Login button in order to sign into your account.
  6. If the information that you gave is accurate, your Cable One email account should be loaded and you should be logged in.

How To Reset Password for Cable One Mail Login?

Due to the fact that you have forgotten the password to your Cable account, someone other than yourself no longer has access to it. Immediately, you should go and change the password for your cable one email account. Look at how.

  1. The very first thing you need to do is open up your preferred internet browser and go on over to the website for Cable One.
  2. Cable One’s sign-in page may be reached from the homepage by choosing the Email tab or the Sign-in link from the navigation bar. Both options are located in the upper-right hand corner of the site.
  3. If you cannot remember your password, use the “Forget Password” option.
  4. Sparklink. MyPassword
  5. Now, kindly input your Username and the Text that you see in the image by following the example of the picture as a reference. After that, go on by clicking the option labeled Next.
  6. Following that, there will be a set of questions designed for security purposes. Select Next once again, and then answer the question about resetting the password.
  7. Enter your new password whenever asked to do so. You have the option to change your password by going to New Password, and then you can verify it by going to Verify Password.
  8. After selecting the Next button, you will see that the password for your Cable One email account has been successfully updated.

How to Secure Password of Cable One Mail Login?

What exactly should you keep an eye out for when it comes to passwords? These are the qualities that your password has to have in order for it to be considered secure.

  1. Your password has to be either a very long phrase or a string of a lot of different characters. The optimal number of characters for a strong password is between 12 and 14.
  2. After that, you need to include a variety of different elements into the password, including capital and lowercase characters, numbers, and symbols. The complexity of breaking a 12-character password that comprises all of the aforementioned characters increases dramatically. This makes it more difficult to remember.
  3. It is not a good idea to use terms that can be found in a dictionary as your password. My home is a complete eyesore.
  4. It is best to prevent other people from using or retaining your password.
  5. Applications that need a password to access, such as Key Pass, may remember your credentials. After you have saved your password in the directory of the application, you will be required to enter a master passcode in order to access the list.
  6. Maintain separate sets of passwords for each of your online accounts.
  7. Never reveal your passphrase to anybody else. No one.
  8. If you want to be sure that your information is safe, you shouldn’t use the same password for more than a year at a time and you should change it once a week.
  9. Then, if you need a password, why not use something like “This Is My House 123”?

Cable One Email Settings

We have included the necessary POP and SMTP information for configuring your account with any of the most popular email clients for those who use Cable One as their Internet service provider. This information can be found in the following sentence:

SMTP Settings – For Outgoing Email

  • Account type: SMTP
  • Username: Your email username (example:
  • Password: Your email account’s password.
  • Server hostname: Here I am using Gmail, so it’s,
  • Server Port: 587
  • Required Authentication?: Yes, your email id and password.
  • SSL/TLS: Yes

POP Settings – Incoming Mail Server Detail

  • Account type: POP
  • Username: Your email username (example:
  • Password: Your email account’s password.
  • Server hostname: Here I am using Gmail, so it’s,
  • Server Port: 995
  • Required Authentication?: Yes, your email id and password.
  • SSL/TLS: Yes

Cable One Support

When it comes to the satisfaction of its clients, Cable One and Sparklight always delivers. 24/7 help is accessible at You may contact us by calling (877) 692-2253 or sending an email. To get help, go to the support page and select the option labeled “Email Support.”


I have simplified the procedure so that you will have an easier time getting started with your email account from Cable One. We went through everything, including how to create an account, how to use your Cable One or Sparklight email with other webmail providers, how to recover a lost password, how to create a safe password, and everything in between.