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If you’re a fan of the Borderlands series, you’ve probably heard of the legendary Borderlands 2 Conference Call shotgun. This iconic weapon has gained quite the reputation, thanks to its unique features and devastating power.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of Borderlands 2, dissecting every aspect of the Conference Call and providing tips and tricks to help you make the most of this powerful weapon. So, buckle up, Vault Hunter – it’s time to get your hands on the ultimate shotgun!

The Borderlands 2 Conference Call: What Makes It Stand Out?

First things first, let’s take a closer look at what sets the Borderlands 2 Conference Call apart from other shotguns in the game.

Unique Features and Performance

  • Hyperion-manufactured: The Conference Call is made by Hyperion, known for their high-quality, accurate weapons.
  • Special projectile behavior: When fired, the Conference Call’s bullets split into multiple projectiles, creating a wide spread that’s perfect for taking down multiple enemies at once.
  • Amp damage: This beast of a shotgun deals additional damage when used with an amp shield, making it even more lethal.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. High accuracy
  2. Wide spread
  3. Multiple projectiles
  4. Amplified damage with amp shields


  1. Slower fire rate
  2. Reduced effectiveness at long range
  3. Consumes more ammo per shot

How to Get Your Hands on the Borderlands 2 Conference Call

Borderlands 2 Conference Call

Now that you know why the Conference Call is such a sought-after weapon, let’s talk about how you can get your hands on one!

Loot Sources

  • The Warrior: The most common method of obtaining the Conference Call is by defeating The Warrior, the final boss in Borderlands 2’s main storyline. Keep in mind, though, that the drop rate is relatively low.
  • Handsome Sorcerer: You can also farm the Handsome Sorcerer, the final boss in the Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC, for a chance to get the Conference Call.
  • Random drops: As with all legendary weapons, the Conference Call has a small chance of dropping from any loot source in the game.

Farming Tips

  1. Increase your chances: Play on higher difficulty settings, such as True Vault Hunter Mode or Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, to boost the chances of the Conference Call dropping.
  2. Use the Vault Hunter’s Relic: This relic increases your chances of finding rare loot, so make sure to equip it while farming.
  3. Patience is key: Remember, obtaining the Conference Call may take some time, so don’t give up if it doesn’t drop right away.

Best Character Builds for the Borderlands 2 Conference Call

Now that you’ve got your hands on the Conference Call, it’s time to make the most of it! Here are some of the best character builds to maximize the potential of this legendary shotgun:

Axton the Commando

  • Guerrilla Tree: Focus on the Guerrilla skill tree, which enhances your gun damage, fire rate, and shield capacity.
  • Skills to prioritize: Metal Storm, Onslaught, and Battlefront.
  • Gear recommendations: Pair the Conference Call with an amp shield like The Bee for maximum damage output, and use a class mod that boosts gun damage or shotgun-specific skills.

Maya the Siren

  • Cataclysm Tree: Invest in the Cataclysm skill tree to increase elemental damage and improve your overall gun performance.
  • Skills to prioritize: Flicker, Chain Reaction, and Reaper.
  • Gear recommendations: Equip a Bone of the Ancients relic to further boost your elemental damage and pair the Conference Call with an elemental version, such as the Shock or Corrosive Conference Call.

Salvador the Gunzerker

  • Rampage and Gun Lust Trees: Focus on both the Rampage and Gun Lust skill trees to maximize your damage output and maintain a high rate of fire.
  • Skills to prioritize: Inconceivable, Money Shot, and Keep It Piping Hot.
  • Gear recommendations: Use a class mod that boosts shotgun damage or fire rate, and equip a strong pistol in your off-hand while Gunzerking to further increase your damage potential.

Zer0 the Assassin

  • Cunning and Sniping Trees: Invest in the Cunning skill tree for increased gun damage and critical hit damage, and the Sniping tree to improve your accuracy.
  • Skills to prioritize: Rising Shot, Two Fang, and Critical Ascensi0n.
  • Gear recommendations: Use a class mod that enhances shotgun damage or accuracy, and equip a high-critical hit damage sniper rifle as your secondary weapon for long-range engagements.

Gaige the Mechromancer

  • Anarchy and Ordered Chaos Trees: Focus on the Anarchy skill tree for increased gun damage and the Ordered Chaos tree for better accuracy and fire rate.
  • Skills to prioritize: Anarchy, Close Enough, and Blood-Soaked Shields.
  • Gear recommendations: Pair the Conference Call with a shield like The Bee, and use a class mod that boosts Anarchy or other gun-damage-enhancing skills.

Krieg the Psycho

  • Bloodlust and Mania Trees: Invest in the Bloodlust skill tree for increased gun damage and the Mania tree for improved survivability.
  • Skills to prioritize: Blood-Filled Guns, Blood Twitch, and Salt the Wound.
  • Gear recommendations: Use a class mod that boosts shotgun damage or fire rate, and equip a strong melee weapon for close-quarters combat.

Advanced Tactics: Making the Most of the Borderlands 2 Conference Call

While we’ve already covered the basics, there are some advanced tactics and strategies you can employ to truly become a master of the Borderlands 2 Conference Call. Here are some tips and tricks to help you dominate your enemies and show them who’s boss:

Elemental Damage Exploits

The Conference Call comes in multiple elemental variants, such as fire, corrosive, and shock. Make sure to match the elemental type of your Conference Call to the weaknesses of your enemies for maximum damage output.

For example, use a fire Conference Call against flesh enemies and a corrosive one against armored foes.

Crowd Control

The wide spread and multiple projectiles of the Conference Call make it an ideal weapon for crowd control. Use the shotgun to target clusters of enemies, especially those with weak points such as Varkids or Spiderants.

The Conference Call’s wide spread ensures you’ll hit multiple targets at once, allowing you to thin out groups of enemies quickly.

Boss Fights

The Borderlands 2 Conference Call really shines in boss fights, thanks to its high damage output and wide spread. During boss encounters, aim for critical hit spots to maximize your damage.

Some bosses, like Terramorphous the Invincible or Hyperius the Invincible, have multiple critical hit spots, making the Conference Call even more effective.

Slag and Switch

In Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, slag becomes an essential part of your arsenal. Slag increases the damage enemies take from non-slag sources, so make sure to slag your foes before switching to the Conference Call for maximum damage output.

You can use a slag grenade mod, a slag weapon, or Maya’s Scorn skill to achieve this effect.

Synergy with Other Gear

As mentioned earlier, pairing the Conference Call with an amp shield like The Bee significantly boosts its damage output. However, you can also consider other gear combinations to further enhance the weapon’s performance:

  • Grenade Mods: Use singularity grenades to group enemies together before unleashing the Conference Call’s wide spread.
  • Relics: Equip a shotgun damage relic or an elemental damage relic to further increase the Conference Call’s damage output.
  • Class Mods: Look for class mods that enhance shotgun damage, fire rate, or specific skills that synergize well with the Conference Call.

By employing these advanced tactics and strategies, you’ll be able to make the most of the Borderlands 2 Conference Call and dominate any challenge that comes your way. So, gear up, Vault Hunter, and prepare to unleash the full power of this legendary shotgun on the unsuspecting denizens of Pandora!

There you have it, Vault Hunter! You now possess a comprehensive understanding of the Borderlands 2 Conference Call, including its unique features, how to obtain it, and the best character builds to maximize its potential. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer the challenges that await you in the world of Pandora.

Now, go forth and unleash the devastating power of the Conference Call on your enemies!