tc's front porch

Historical Overview of TC’s Front Porch

Welcome to TC’s Front Porch – We are glad to share a little background on how TC’s Evolved.  Please stop by and spend a few minutes with us.

“Id had enough” of the Gas Station business named “Double G”.  Being the Oldest Commercial building in Navarre, some 60+ years old, the times should “Change” for this prime location.

Considering myself a Visionary, I felt that there had to be a better venture for this most perfect Real Estate location.  Realizing that the gas tanks were “Above” ground, a change within reason could happen.

Chatting with others, a light went off!  An outdoor cafe with the building serving as the kitchen was a real possibility.  The canopy that covers the dining area was built very solid.  It survived huricanes Opal and Ivan and all the others in between.  So here we are!

What more can we do to enhance this location and the many benefits this area has to offer?  The citizens have already designed their vision for the lands behind us, known as the Navarre Town Center.  What better name than TC’s Front Porch!  Truly the front porch of Navarre’s Town Center.

Thank you very much for visiting us here.  All of our team members have the same interests and goals in mind.  Our intent is to keep improving our menu and service as we go along.  We want to make TC’s Front Porch and Navarre’s Town Center a proud tribute to you and others.

Please stop by and let us know if you have an idea as to how we can serve you better!


Bob Benaquis